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Additional Services

Solution Oriented

Able to take the Voice of the Customer and translate to product development, product specifications, and solve customer needs and ultimately end user acceptance.

Supplier Partnerships

Understanding true supplier partnerships from an Innovation, Quality, Delivery, and Cost standpoint while directing the brand/supplier relationship to a win-win proposition.


Strong in Cross Functional Alignment with strategic departments of a company from design to marketing, sales, technical development, customer service, compliance/quality, and C-suite.


Customer and Consumer facing communications and messaging in alignment with marketing with sales tools, DTC copy, and other marketing materials.

Cost Analysis

Keen understanding of textile raw material and processing costs and competitive benchmark pricing analysis. Design to cost parameters and align with category / seasonal margin and pricing targets.

Global Supplier Network

Expertise and access to supply chain suppliers from fiber to finished fabric to chemistry in both Western and Eastern Hemispheres.


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